Thursday, June 25, 2009


STRESS!!!! why??!?!?!?! cause of FACEBOOK LA!!! it is called FACEBOOK.. but when i wanna upload my classmates FACES... they go piss me off!! celaka.. waited so long for it to upload.. FINAL picture... tell me operation failed.. WTH?!?!?!?!?! tell me half wat through it or the starting la.. WHY THE END?!?!?!?!
one last picture... then they;ll send me a notification saying FAILED!! ish..
i've learn something new.. to do it slow and steadily.. so now i do 6 by 6... At LEAST not that sakit hati when it fail or something.. HAAH!!
SPEAKING of facebook.. this facebook has created addiction to youth marijuana or cocaine.. like wat jeremy said.. well.. it is an INDIRECT form of drug as it requires no contact.. but it contaminates the brain... games like RESTAURANT CITY!! TYPING MANIAC has been attacking our mind lately.. GUYS!! BETTER STAY AWAY FROM ITT!!! FINALS ARE COMING!!!!!!!!
gosh.. SPEAKING OF EXAM!! my maths now like damn cha man.. and i thought maths was the best sub for me out of the 5... its gonna be all the same now.. ALL SUCK!!! shit la this statistic...

StAtisTic.. damn hard lo... well for me.. haiz.. super confusing... population.. sample.. sample mean.. sigma.. mu.. significal level.. confidence level.. W T H?!?!?!?!?!!? too much terms man...

suppose to be doing work.. got to pass up next week.. BUT!! i SPELT MY NAME INSTEAD!! WOHOO!! wat does my name got to do with statistic?? GOD KNOWS!!! hahaha...
Speaking of GOD!! GOD IS GREAT!! He knows we, human mankind will face many stress.. so He also provide us some DESTRESS element.. in order to balance things up... He created..
D U R I A N!!

FANTASTIC isn't it?? yummy!! wanna see wats inside??

YELLOW YELLOW DIRTY FELLOW!!! that is so wrong.. YELLOw YELLOW ITS GOOD!! hha.. sry dunno how to rhyme it.. power of english is not good.. HAIZ!!!

k la k la.. no more speaking of d..finally the uploading of pictures is smooth with the new method i;m using.. which was wat sharlene was telling me this morning when i complain.. LOL!! gosh so late liao.. better get going.. S A Y O N A R A baby nora.. YAY!! IT RHYMES!!!

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