Wednesday, June 17, 2009

High Five!!

Today's chemistry practical was C o O l.. but bio stem cells presentation was..... Erm... Speechlesss... LOL!!!

lets not talk abt the stem cells and talk abt the chem prac??

it was after bio.. and as usual.. teacher always use extra time to teach us.. so we were a FEW minutes late for out chemistry my titration was not good after doing a few times before.. i was afraid i do everything wrongly and not onli get low mark for my self.. but also my LAB PARTNER!! Sharlene!!! darn.. cant put the picture yet.. haha!! anyway.. we organise ourselves and got our job separated..
Sharlene was full time playing with the burette and obviously did a good job as she manage to control the stop COCK properly =D i wonder.. hahahaha

As for me.. i played with Volumetric's... this is known as Volumetric pipette.. it is a very hard glass ware to use.. supper annoying.. i;ve struggle in getting the correct calibration mark.. but i tried and tried.. finally manage to get 6 out of it.. imagine.. one whole over sucking solution out ni.. LOL!! damn simple rite?/ feel bad for shar..

Ahhh.. let me introduce u another "fren" of mine.. this little brat.. cost us time!! haha.. partly becuase i noob also lar.. i needed to dilute the acid TWICE!!! the 1st time becuause i over added water.. darn!! luckily the second time it is done.. if not.. WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO FINISH!! hahaha

k k .. so after preparing the solutions.. TITRATION BEGINS!!!! and last time titration.. u just get 3 readings.. dun care wat reading.. just take it and get the average.. but THIS TIME!! ITS TOTALLY DIFFERENT!!! we need to have the same volume with teachers reading.. and also must get 3 CONCORDANT value.. meaning the difference between the 3 values u r taking cannot be more than 0.1mL... thank God we manage to do 6 titration and fortunately enough to get 3 concordant value... i sitll remember how tense was it..

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

30.25 26.55 26.40 26.55 27.05!! ??????

the 6th time... times almost up.. and according to our data.. we dun have any concordant value.. so far got 2.. which is the 2nd and the 4th.. so without further delaying time.. sharlene quickly started her titration... here comes the final reading.. OWH SHIT!!! 26. 65!!!! hope dashed.. BUT BUT!!! can wut.. its the 3rd concordant value!! wohoo.. damn happy d.. hahahahahahahaha...

so we did some questions provided to us.. and lastly CLEAN UP!!!


todays was quite relaxing.. we onli had one class... others bz doing something else.. LOL!! phy teacher absent.. bio.. did the stem cell thingy.. chem did practical... esl got presentation.. so we onli had MATHS!! =D

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