Monday, June 29, 2009

NeW WaLLeT!!!

LOL!! yesterday mum was doing some stuffs on my table.. SO HAPPEN my wallet was there...

TaDa.. this WAS my wallet.. sry Shawn.. HAAH!! its kinda nice wallet.. lots of compartment..

it has a LOUSY owner.. like me.. thus.. he faces many problems...

there goes my wallet.. i noe wat is it thinking now..
HABISLA RIWAYAT KU!! LOL.. remember we always use it during BM lastime....
SO anyway.. my mum was like.. wah.. why ur wallet like that wan.. went in to somewhere.. dig out a NEW WALLET fOR ME!!
1st.. she took 2 out.. one was like.. OMG!! another wan was like.. CHUN!! DAMN NICE!! but she ask me to take the OMG wan.. so i OMG lar.. WHY?!?! duwan lar.. i wan the nice wan.. argue argue argue.. she go in get another wan.. LOL!! so i;ve got nothing to say lar.. its OKAY also wut..

nice rite nice rite?? i mean.. its like the best i have so far man..

ChecK OUT the COmpArtmenTs COOL RITE?
kinda like it.. but its quite hard now.. maybe its NEW.. better take good care of it man.. if not hancur like the previous wan.. feel damn bad lor!!!
until this part.. its is not cool at all!! why?? cuase its EMPTY!!! haiz.. damn sad.. nice wallet.. empty filling.. pathetic isn't it? =D
HAHA!! i think i;m the onli one now that put my wallet at my side pocket.. others like put behind or something.. maybe i;m just a sad BIMBO.. LOL!! new term learn from FACEBOOK by my classmate SHARLENE...shoult try putting behind soon.. but the feeling damn ackward lar.. like someone touching ur ass?!?!?! HAHAAHHAHAHAHA!!! sit down also uncomfortable...
ANYWAY!!! got to catch of for maths man.. super alot not yet do.. hhehehe

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