Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 1 of ESL presentation...

Today it was our turn to present... Han Hwa, Lynn, Choo Teong, Raichu..OPPS!! sry.. Raifana... PANDA!! OPPPSS again.. sry my bad my bad.. Jeremy loo.. and I... it was our turn!!!! this presentation is divided in to 2 groups.. 3 will present on the 1st day.. and another 3 will present another day.. so Han hwa lynn and i presented today... FREAKING SCARY MAN!!!

This presentation is divided into 3 parts... Presentation.. Q & A session and Discussion part... we decided to meet up 8 today to discuss our Q&A and was soo sooo soo stressed up... everyone was so messy.. eh eh.. u remember my ques not?? u u remember to ask me this ques ar.. k k choose for discussion wat u all wanna talk.. HAHAHAHA!!! super messy..


its almost 9!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhh!! k k k.. time to go.. so we went up there.. super scary... as u noe my bio was really BAD .. i dint wanna do bad in this wan also.. so i;ve been talking to my self for the whole weekend.. it was Han Hwa who started everything... it went on nicely.. good presentation and Q&A...but i think discussion was abit slow for him.. SORRY MATE!! we were not warmed up yet.. heheheheheh.... but i think still okay lar =D

Next was Lynn.. hers was also nice... funny pictures.. LOL!!! everything IN my opinion went on was wat was PLANNED.. HAAHHAHAHAHAHA!! which was illegal... anyway.. abit mixed up in the discussion part.. but we covered VERY WELL =D

LASTLY!! it was my turn.. haiz.. i shall say my hard work paid off.. WAY WAY WAY better than my bio presentation.. but i feel my presentation part was the worst.. compared to the others.. lack of info... speaking too fast and so on.. but i;ve got to thank ALL 5 OF THEM as they save me from Q&A onwards.. THANKS ALOT GUYS!!!! as my topic was BREAST CANCER.. well i have my own reason on choosing the topic.. NOT AS WAT U GUYS ARE THINKING NOW!! it went on and on during the discussion part.. as usual girls defend their own body parts and guys wouldn;t care much.. HAHAAH!! it was kinda fun the discussion...

CHOP OFF!! i remember i used this term where everyone laughed.. DARN!! its supposed to be MASTECTOMY!! ahh.. nvm.. WAS TRYING TO ADD SOME HUMOUR IN actually.. LOL!! *GOOD EXCUSES!!* anyway.. glad that its all OVER NOW!!.. GOOD LUCK RAICHU PANDA and CHOO TEONG!!! we can do it.. u GUYS CAN TOO!!! =D

LIVE IS GREAT with stress... now i do not understand my maths!! HELP!! hElp heLp helP HeLp...


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