Monday, June 1, 2009

1st week is over..

A week ago.. i was so so happy.. excited.. because FINALLY SAM is giving us 2 weeks break.. after a long 5 months of drill.. with lots of assignments.. datelines.. exams.. which is all counted in our internal examination.. as it is pretty important.. we;ve got to study hard for each and every small test or quiz that is given to us.. NOT ONLI THAT!! we got to also take care of our assignment given by the lecturers on certain topics.. due dates are given and we must accomplish it before the due date.. if not ... WE ARE TERMINATED!!!!!

anyway.. it has been one week after that excitement... WHAT I'VE ACHIEVED!!!!! hmmmm lets see... went to kl for a 3 hour trip... drove down to kl for several times.. get to noe the road well... pass through smart tunnel...go penang... drove in penang... bla bla bla... wat about HOMEWORK!?!?!?!??STUDIES?!?!?!?!?!?!? damn.. i;ve done nothing on that...finals will be on end October.. which means i left 5 more months to cover my SAM syllabus... not onli that.. my trials will definitely be 1 month be4 the finals.. so i have 4 more months to actually finish up my syllabus... gOSH!! ITS SO SO SO SO FAST!!! JUNE already... haizz...speaking of study really turn me off...

guess wat.. I CANT BELIEVE I:M ACTUALLY A COLLEGE STUDENT!! hahahahahaha... just remember i was like wondering.. WHEN LA I;ll finally be a college student... u noe when boring lessons in skul??? where u;ve got to pay attention becuase the teacher will scold if u dont?? so i;ll start to day dream... dream abt my life in college... think abt college life.. wondering how will it be like.. will it be easier?? tougher??? so cool wei.. no need uniform anymore... FREEDOM!!!! and now.. i;m experiencing it!!! time really flies... now i;m wondering wat will i be 5 years time... doctor?? dentist?? psychology?? psychiatrist?? accountant??? damn..i;m still uncertain... do not noe wat i should do..

Blur Me...still wondering around.. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... hopefully the 2nd week will be an eventful and a nice week before going back to college.. as the 1st few days of college will not be very pleasent... RESULTS!?!!??! ahizzz...

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