Thursday, June 18, 2009


Fuyoh ada gaya rite???


my bio presentation was a FAILURE!!!! WOHOO!! haha... darn it man...damn disappointed.. haiz... get all my points d... somemroe i was the no 10 ppl to present.. SO MUCH extra time to gather my information together...go out there.. B L A N K!!! wonderful lar... :(
speaking of bio presentation.. i did that posted yesterday in college... and i do not noe wat was i thinking.. i went college 3 TIMES!!! haha.. 1st was normal class... after class we got to discuss on our class video.. but i went home 1st.. so that the 2nd time i went back to college...after discussion.. i;m SUPPOSED to go library to print out my stuffs..but jeremy said that he wanna go back and he can print for me.. SO i say okay lar.. let go home!!!
UNTIL I REACHED HOME!!! i remember that bio was the 1st period.. i need the poster to be done on that day!!! so i went back to college and get everything done with POH VINCI.. Lol... was supposed to just borrow her glue and scissors.. ended up she help me do almost everyhting.. felt so bad.. anyway THANKS ALOT!
ahh.. the busy week finally ended.. well still have ESL presentation next monday.. better do well for that before i start cursing myself again..damn stress wei!!!! but its fun lar.. hahahahahahahah!! i noe i noe.. damn weird.. but wat to do.. without all this "thrill" wats life man?? =D no stress = no life!!! i still rememeber last year when i had so much activities.. camp lar.. prefect lar.. events lar.. got to practise for marching lar.. then not enough ppl lar.. teacher got problem la.. so much STRESS!!! but we manage to strive through it.. that time cant wait to RETIRE!!!! after retire... why so SIEN WAN!!! seriously lo.. damn boring.. last time just walk out of class see junior scold also can.. but after retire kena halau back to class pulak... LOL!!!..

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