Monday, June 8, 2009

HOLIDAYS are over.... STRESS awaiting...

gosh.. i just remember writing about a post saying that my holidays are finally here.. and how my "FAMILY" enjoyed at the BBQ that night.. but in actual fact.. it has been 2 weekS!!!!!! W T H!!! this 2 weeks pass by so fast..just like a snap of the finger.. and when everyone meet up just now... its like HI!!! cause long time no see.. then masam muka d.. WHY??? cause come back college LOR!!! haizz.. true also.. no semangat d.. is it because holiday too long??? or is it because it is too shorT? ?HAHAH!!!

i was just telling May Zhen the other day.. how i spend my holidays.. and she said.. once college starts.. u;ll regret not studying for the whole 2 WEEKS!!! INDEED!!! she was right.. i am REGRETTING like hell... WHY ON EARTH DID I NOT STUDY DURING HOLIDAYS????!?!?!?!

u guys must be wondering.. why i regret.. well.. simply because my RESULTS SUCK!!!! i took 5 subjects in SAM.. and i got 3B 1C 1D for my 1st semester.. bravo isn;t it??!? FANTASTIC!!! "LOVE" my results SO much.. pissed.. SO PISSED... super PISSED... but wat can i do?? i;ve already wasted 2 WONDERFUL weeks..haiz.. no hope d lar....................................

ANYWAY.. yesterday night was a WEIRD night.. i have no idea why.. I SUDDENLY GOT SICK!!!! which was why i dint have a post yesterday...I was actually watching HIGH SKUL MUSICAL 3..and also chatting... i dunno why i dint really like that show and half way throughout the show.. I FELT COLD!!! and had the feeling of being SICK!!! i was SO WORRIED as the last time i got sick.. it took me almost a week to cure....and TRUE enough.. i was sick.. so i quickly go and sleep.. THANK GOD after a while.. it was better.. mum came in pop me with after that.. it was okay.. P H E W!!

Being sick now is suffering..cause we will think too much.. H1N1 ar?? DENGUE ar?? and so on..its good that i;m okay now.. but MOOD not good lar!!! spoil d... seriously man.. makes me dun wanana go college anymore..

1. RESULTS suck
2. still wan holiday
3. kena bang by all teachers
4. GOT TO PAY again.. haizz


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