Saturday, June 13, 2009


Today was SMKSJ's BSMM SL ( Y ) 119 EVENT!! they had blood donation for people who needs blood...unfortunately.. after working so hard.. they dint reach their target!!! just miss by a few.. many obstacles also lar.. raining... ppl ffk... PPL NEVER EAT BREAKFAST!!! I WONDER WHO!!

anyway.. blood donation was scary wei... seriously.. I WAS AFRAID OF IT!!! hahahahahaha... seeing my frens one by one being poke by NEEDLES... and sleep there.. seriously scare me.. haha.. no idea why.. i noe very well it doesnt hurt... just abit at the start.. but still dunno why something just tell me not to donate.. BUT!!! towards the end.. when ppl wanna close shop.. i finally decided to give it a try!!! CYBI(can you believe it)!!

so i went to the doctor... check everything.. u have 5 hours sleep?? yes... u underage?? yes.. got parents permission? yes.. got hepatitis?? no... got any sexual intercourse?? no.. got HIV? no.. got take any medication ? no... got take any drugs?? no... GOT EAT?!?!?! e r r r r... N o...
owh.. then it is not advisable for u to donate.. Z z Z z z zzzzz.... my semangat DASHED!! kena REJECT!! hahahaha..damn sad lar.. because of that never reach target!! =(

today super SUAY wei... went to petrol station wanted to pump tyre air.. but there was some one.. so i park at the side... MANA TAHU SUDDENLY ONE CAR COME when the guy wanted to chow.. and when the fella chow.. SHE slambaly go there and pump.. i was like STARING at her d.. lucky she girl.. if not.. fight d.. LOL!! so i let her.. she come down.. pump one tyre.. i dunno how she FELT that tyre was lack of air.. and chow.. LOL!! i was stunned.. but in a wat good lar.. no need wait so long.. =D

hahahah... our last Moral PHILOSOPHY.. Eric Lynn Shar Panda.. OPPSS!! i mean Jeremy and I were too bored that we chatted behind there.. and as u noe teennageres.. we can just talk anything.. we talked abt alot of stuffs.. but one topic i remember most.. MAMAK!!! haha.. we were talking abt the drinks... Eric introduce one drink to us.. its called .. TEH LO!! teh plus milo..he said the taste of teh is nice.. and sweet taste of milo.. blends together.. PERFECT!!!!

so today i went for supper.. i trIED!!! MILO DOMINATE the taste.. must be they dunno how to do lar.. HAHA!!! N O O B!!!

anyway.. u noe wats the short form for HORLICKS MILO KOPI and TEH??? guess it ur self and laugh out loud!!!!

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