Friday, June 12, 2009

Bye Bye Nicoli and So Long Vinci (code)

Darn.. too small.. haha!! today was an outing done for MR NICHOLAS GUSTOV and MS POH VINCI... as they are too smart... they;ll be leaving us... so we watched that show.. haha!! hhmmmm.. the show was OKAY.. scary part is scary.. funny part is funny... weird part is weird.. but one thing about todays cinema... SUCKS!!!! 1st of all.. we sat TOO FRONT!! so hard to see!! 2ndly.. dunno wat happend to their sound system.. SUPER LOUD!! imagine a horror movie.. screaming here and there.. PLUS such loud speaker..our ears are like BURSTING!! haha
anyways.. we went SHABU-SHABU after show.. it is in PUCHONG... a group of 12 of us.. went there by was a BOOM man.. the place was so cool... totally unexpected.. dint noe it was that style.. hmmm... dunno how to put it into words.. one day should go try.. haha!! but got one prob.. many ppl!!so its best to book be4 going..
it is basically steamboat buffet style.. where we can take anything we want...So once we are sitted.. we just take everything we like and we can see.. and then onli start eating. LOL!! quite cool lar.. manage to eat damn alot.. Siva's fav sausage.. pork slice... those are my fav too.. haha..
after food.. some smart alex suggested to drink the ice cold juice.. and the last one got to recieve punishment.. which is eating things that they the 1st round.. O M G!! cannot tahan.. I LOST!! so got to eat.. was ALREADY SUPER FULL!! u noe la.. malaysian.. kiam siap wan.. pay d.. make full use of the money.. so kept on eating eating and eating... until finish d.. then onli they play.. so super full.. they ask me eat sausage and a corn.. zzz. looks simple rite.. but IT WAS HARD!!
SHabu shabu is not a bad place to go anyway.. well.. just one side effect.. we got to boom nagasaki and hiroshima when we get back home.. IF U GET WAT I MEAN.. =D

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