Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Outing with G1 - IANS!!!

CLASS FINISH AT 1 TODAY!! and as we ALL know.. its THE REVENGE OF THE FALLEN we, G1-ians went to pyramid to catch TRANSFORMERS!!

i.. Am optimus prime... LOL!!
its a SUPER nice show i shall say.. can give 9/10.. LOL!! missing one maybe becuase the fighting scence abit boring. HAHA!!! but funny lar... SHOULD WATCH show... =D
anyway.. todays outing was fun.. we took lots of picture.. as we have alot nowadays thanks to.. AHEM.. shall not mention here.. hahahahaha...
since anak datin, RaiChu did not eat yet.. OPPS!! RAIFANA!! sry sry.. we went to secret recipe... in order to make them happy.. i was bending my body... as a result.. i was the shortest therE!! !hahahahahaha!!
Since we have PLENTY candid photos.. we or rather PEI WERN(camera owner) decided to have more GROUP photos.. so we asked a waiter... hhahaha..
G1 ppl.. WE ROCK!!! so cool to have u guys with me throughout my college life.. without u all.. DIE LOR!! hahahha
AS USUAL... the 3 GIRLS love camwhoring...WAIT!! i meAN 2 GIRLS 1 GUY!! DUH!?!!? hahahahhahaahha...camwhore a while in the car.. LOL!!
ahh... hope to have more outing with u guys.. more movies to come.. but also less ddays left to exam!!! hahahahahahaaha...more photos should be taken.. really.. next time if we see back.. we'll definitely laugh!! one year course ni.. so get more pic as rememberance =D


  1. exam dah lah dekat. lepakkkk lagi. nanti orang tua kamu tau. KANTOI! yang benar,orang tua no.3

  2. wah.. now onli i see the comments.. LOL! exam dah HABIS!