Saturday, June 20, 2009

Parents Teacher Meeting ( PTM )

Parents teacher meeting is something like OPEN day in my secondary school.. this is the 2nd meeting already but it was my parents 1st time attending it as they were in Australia when they had the 1st wan.. PTM is the term used in TAYLORs! =D

it was raining in the morning.. probably God was crying on behalf of my parents due to my lousy results.. HAIZZZ.. was worried that teacher give bad comment about me.. LOL!! but why i;m i worried lar?? me good boy.. *kononnya*

1st was Mrs Banu.. my MENTOR..she teaches English as a Second Language... after greeting my parents.. she said.. Yi xian ar... NO PROBLEM.. SURE A STUDENT... i was like. HUH!?!?!?!?! teacher? r u serious? i got C le??? SURE A???? damn pressure man now.. she say my eng very good somemore.. just need more practise can really do well d..ahh.. my english has always been a problem for me.. i dunno why.. as u read my blog u also realise rite?/ my grammar abit weird also my vocab.. always use the same LANGUAGe. i mean same words.. not much of variation.. haizz!! so i'm actually quite worried.. well.. lets just listen to teacher. .she say sure A?? hmmm.. LOL!!

after that i went to Ms. Soh.. my Maths studies teacher..she very nice.. defend for me.. well.. after she bang me lar.. LOL!! "yi xian got B16.. i expected him to at least get A17 or A18.. BUT i think its because he was sick the week before rite??" hahahaha... bang me and defend for me.. but i admit lar.. it was not the sick that made me drop.. it was ME!! too dumb d.. hahaha..nothing much there.. ALSO said sure A... haiz.. damn stress now man.. if i dun get.. parents sure bang me kao kao d..

now left the 3 sciences... 1st i went phy since Mr yap my chem teacher was so famous.. i went to Ms Tan.. she's my phy teacher... and khee zhao was be4 me.. i heard her bangging him kao kao.. i was like SHIT!! i sure kena la. i also talk so much in class.. SURPRISINGLY!! she did not.. somemore say i good man.. THANK GOD she dint say i SURE A.. now she say.. "GOT CHANCE.. not to worry.. cause this time i mark very strictly.. i wan them to learn..they all love to jump points.. from A jump to C.. so lose mark becuase never mention about B... i noe he understand.. just udnno how to write and express it out" SO RIGHT MAN!!! ahaha "calculation wise.. i think he is okay.. just the appplication and understanding wise lar" yea lo yea lo.. hahaha.. she was nice .. 1st time never bang me.. LOL!!!

Mr Yap was next on the list.. again.. khee zhao was infront.. AND again.. i hear him scolding.. lagi teruk la.. Mr yap class i like JOKER ni.. talk so much nonsense... hahaha!! but nvm la.. my parents also noe i talk alot of crap wan..also got sometimes kena Whack by him.. but he dint say much about it.. just settle the prob with one ques.. " u got do the work i give u or not???" *ZZZZZZZZZZIIIIIIIIIIPPPPPP* i did not.. LOL!! ahh SEE!! kena lar.. LOL!! but he quite funny also lar.. infront of us and infront of parents SAME wan.. joke lar.. this and that.. but he was quite organised lar.. write down all our marks.. explain how is it like and all.. WAT can u expect. MR yap LAR!! hahahahahaha.. i;ve found out something about him also.. BUT better not mention here lar =D Also another teacher that give me pressure.. "u got compare ur results with the seniors rite?? ur results now can get A rite?? so u get A ar??" haiz.. he also say "got more than 50% u can get a lar.. MORE than 50%" LOL!!i was like .. har.. 50 ni.. =P

well.. last was Ms Param.. my biology teacher.. PURPOSELY went the last.. U ALL NOE WHY!!! hahahahaha.. so as usual.. she bang me.... opppss. sry. she bang US!! our class.. LOL!! i dunno why but she bang the whole class infront of my parents.. so i was like yea yeay ea.. also say i shuold be getting A by now.. why am i getting B15.. after all the work that she gave... should be 17 and above.. haizz.. teachrs ar.. suka give stress ni... so yea.. nothing much la.. just kena from param...

IN CONCLUSION( learn from all the presentation need to conclude wan), PTM was not bad after all.. well i dunno i should be happy or not teachers say i SHOULD get an A... if wat they say is true.. 5 A"s man!! 1st time in MY history i get STRAIGHT A's.. haizz.. HOPES again... well.. obviously if i wan to get it i must work hard rite?!?!?!?! k then.. i better start!!!

C Y A guys!!

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