Saturday, June 27, 2009

An overlook of the "battle" tomorrow!!

lol..the content of this blog is totally out from the title.. LOL!! anyway... ignore the title and enjoy the content.. darn.. 1st para also repeated so many words d.. this shows how good my vocab is..

WOKE UP EARLY MORNING AGAIN!! eventhough i slept late yesterday.. reluctantly woke up...and fetch my brother to skul.. sleepy.. but was still able to drive.. and AS usual.. i sleep back after fetching..

My father told me to wake up early the day be4 so that we can go there early and collect our shirt and other stuffs for the race tmr.. but obviously i did not.. and kena BANG kao kao...

drove down to kl... haizz.. to bad i cant touch my boi boi... father drove down.. he was so pissed.. dare not ask him to let me drive.. HAHAH!!! so we went there.. i expected it to be full with ppl.. BUT SURPRIsINGLY!! no one!!! phew..i can imagine if there were ALOT of ppl.. my father's lecture will surely start again.. HAHA!!

well.. since the line was EMPTY.. we were quite fast.. so my mum also wan to settle some maid thingy with one relative.. whom stay at my fathers old house.. where he was there during younger days.. DARN!! BLAME MY SELF FFOR NOT BRINGING CAMERA!!! anyway.. the place as a condo... they were staying at 5th floor.. imagine my grand pa grand ma got to climb up so HIGH!!! anyway.. thats one of the reason why they are so strong.. have special training since young..HAHA!! it was quite nice actually.. not bad..

After discussing and everything.. we went home.. AND since my fathers mood was FINE already.. i manage to drive.. NIGHT MARE MAN!!! almost accident.. highway.. was super jam.. i mean okay lar.. not that bad.. but slow lar.. so got one stretch where it was quite smooth.. i speed up lar.. to prevent kena hon rite?? and suddenly got one car pass by me.. that car kena smashed until quite teruk.. so i dint take not of the car breaking infront until my mum YELLED at me.. TUUT!!! almost bang.. phew.. luckily dint.. have a few frens meet in an accident recently.. i told my self to beware.. see wat happens!!!! darn!!

after that.. ADRENALINE RUSH MAN!! whole body felt it.. scared d.. HAAH!!

todays dinner was funny.. since today skul had replacement.. WOHOO COLLEGE NO MORE!! unless something i saw afew little LICK HUNG kids..(my primary skul) hahaa.. as usual.. BOTAK..small size.. made me sing the skul anthem... wo re ai li sing sue xiao..ta qi dao wo men de ri zhi hui... hahah!! then reminds me of secondary skul anthem.. usaha jaya bakti (took me a while man.. damn it!!) cogan kata harus dibangga( is it? OMG I'm TErRIBLE(.. sekolah.. menengah.. subang jaya!! hahahahaha.. wonder how TAYLORS song will be..

WE are taylorians... we follow 3 prinsips... wisdom.. excellent and?? darn.. i forgotten.. HAHAH!!! anyway.. will try to come up with they lyrics.. =D

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