Friday, June 26, 2009

R. I. P Michael Jackson

when he was younger...

ahhh.. changes..

The above photos are photos of Michael Jackson.. LOL! !sounds like practical. anyway.. today the 1st thing i heard was the sad news of MJ... haiz.. since i;ve got to fetch my bro to skul.. i woke up alittle earlier than usual.. wash face a bit.. get into the car and the 1st thing i heard was..


i was like.. huh?? am i dreaming or something?? this is so many of his songs were played back.. quite emotional some of it.. haha.. HEAL THE WORLD!!! make it a better place.. ahh!!

anyway.. this is life.. TOTALLY UNEXPECTED!! u;ll never noe wat happen next.. TREASURE MOMENTS U HAVE NOW!!!!

today moral studies was like WTH!! super annoying la the teacher.. whole moral studies student dun really like him.. its like he thinks he damn great...haiz!! anyway..after moral was fun.. we ordered PIZZA!!! last min FAREWELL party for POH VINCI aka puppy... as she'll be leaving us.. or SHALL I SAY DITCH!! LOL!!

S A Y O N A R A!!! all the best.. have fun over there.. dun regret leaving us even though we noe u;ll definitely regret leaving such GOOD class.. leaving ur animal fren.. PANDA.. COW and GARFIELD!! hahahahahhaha...

our break time was superb.. as usual the G1 has AWAKEN again after moral.. everyone went almost crazy...playing.. dancing.. posing.. styling... HAHA!! last min plan always work rite? AHAHHAH!!

hmm.. i shall say i;m a lucky guy.. since primary.. cant remember kindergarten.. since primary i have such good frens...just too bad all my good frens always change from time to time.. PRIMARY good frens all gone d.. not to say GONE lar.. but seldom meet d.. secondary still okay.. hope my SECONDARY and SAM frens will stay together FOREVER mann.. its like so cool knowing u guys..THANKS ALOT.. made my LIFE man.. haha!! did i use it correctly vinci? =D

K then.. got to sleep soon.. die lo my syllabus super hard now.. ahh!!! stress.....

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