Sunday, June 14, 2009

Foreseeing a busy week ahead!!!

hmm.. lets start from monday?!??!!?!? or maybe not.. haha.. basically.. ESL BIO and PHY have their due dates this week... for ESL is presentation about our topic.. well.. its a group work.. so should be better GUA!!! for bio.. we have 2 presentations!! haizz... one on stem cells.. and another from out topic.. also deaded.. got to WRITE it out... cannot use ICT yang semakin berkembang!!! phy pula.. change abit here and there.. but also quite alot to change lar.. as the teachers format is like.. HUH?!?!?

so yea.. have lots to do this week.. =( anyway.. my bm damn teruk d lar.... k k biar saya tulis dalam bahasa melayu.. WAIT.. bahasa melayu or bahasa malaysia???!?! LOL.. KANTOI!!! anyway..esok kena pergi sekolah.. tak nak pergi lar.. =( omg.. i quit lar.. stuck for so long to continue my next sentence.. hahaha

anyway.. college will be onli SAM students from tomorrow onwards.. as A lvl and ICPU just finish their mid term exam.. its their turn to have HOLIDAY!!! argh.. nvm nvm.. i just came back a week ago.. chill chill.. haahah.. but seriously lor... eveyrone having their holiday now.. so not fair...they all can go out enjoy.. We sam students can enjoy with SAM student onli.. =(

lazy.. lazy.. lazy.. lazy.. lazy.. lazy.. lazy..lazy..lazy.. lazy..lazy..lazy..lazy..lazy..lazy..lazy..lazy..lazy..
dun feel like doing anymore assignments!!! already torture us for the 1st 6 months.. the remanding wan also wan to continue to study for finals lar?? bz assigning ni.. ahiH!!!

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