Friday, June 5, 2009


lol.. evil laughter... anyway..its because i drove CAMRY down to KLIA today.. to fetch my mum back... she went for a business trip to INDONESIA..not to say my father allowed me to drive.. i just took the key sit at the drivers sit and gave him a WIDE SMILE...SETTLE!! lol.... but W A H L I A O E H!! camry is such a nice car.. super stable..because of that my driving experience today's increased like mad wei!!

1. I drove in HIGHWAY.. as in highway to such a distant place... cars were speeding like mad.. got to change lane lar.. this and that..

2. KENA MARAH FROM MY DAD!! hahaha.. as usual.. new driver...

3. drove a WIDE car.. seriously WIDE man... wanna change lanes that time.. see mirror that time like got to see further.. like there is no ending.. look behind also no ending wan.. HAHA.. but syok lar.. HAHA!!!

4. DROVE 120km/h!!! hahahahaha.. cause i wanted to overtake somemore.. well.. i failed my 12 second rule..i think i took almost 20 seconds to cut that car.. hahaha... but WHO CARES!!! THEORY IS OVER!! hahaha..

hmmm... nothing else gua.. seriously shocked also lar.. dint noe my father will actually let me drive.. but u noe wat??? he was scared of my driving.. LOL!! still dun have confidence in my driving yet.. u was using his phone.. but after 2 sec.. look up.. surrounding.. then continue.. then again.. look up.. check... then continue.. i was like.. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... HAHAH!! but good also lar.. another person help me check.. SAFER!!!

As my brother wanted to watch MONSTER vs ALIEN.. we went and watch it today...

haha.. after viewing several blogs.. they normally put the movie's poster and comment about it.. so i shall COPY that idea.. =D

This show is NOT TOO BAD...even though it was quite kiddish.. but it went on quite well.. storyline is great.. sometimes LAME too... hahaha!! or shall i say.. its super lame too... learn some skills from the show.. so i;m LAMER now.. BEWARE!! BEWARE!! hahahahahaha

hmmm... i shall give 7/10... thats my rate for the show... but if u guys can catch the 3D wan.. i think its better...

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