Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Hopes....

After getting back my 1st semester results..i actually did disappoint alot of people INDIRECTLY.. 1st of all.. my parents who suffered so much to pay for my education..giving them this result is really NOT WORTH IT AT ALL!!!! 2ndly.. my sister.. who ALWAYS told me to study be4 hand.. NO LAST MIN.. and so on.. but i did the same thing.. 3rdly.. frens out there who is supporting me.. and lastly.. MYSELF!!!

was the paper really tough?? was i really prepared?? was i concentrating during the exam?? do i actually noe how to answe but just cant do it right there and then?? many excusses i can give.. but it is actually just one main reason why i did so badly... its becuase LACK OF PREPARETION!!! so simple.. even 5 year old KID can answer that queS!!!!

anyway.. do u guys noe wats the widest and biggest nation????? its IMAGINATION!!! =D

today we had 2 breaks.. and the 1st break wat after one lesson.. so we went to the library as it was too early for lunch.. and too late for breakfast.. after doing some survey.. LOL!! weird survey..i tried studying... but as i said.. imagination took over me.. i was wondering wat will my TER be..as in SAM.. this TER is very important.. the higher u get.. the better u r..

As han hwa and i planned to do dentistry in Australia..there are onli 3 uni's that provide that course... and those uni's requirements are 90 and above!!!! so we started calculating.. trying to predict and imagine our score... and this was wat i set for my self...


with that score.. i;ll get 80/90.. so hopefully my ranking for that will be above 90.. which is really good as it will open up my opportunities...ahhh.. dun ask me how i count that.. LONG STORY!! LOL!!! it seems ambitious...but since i have that thought.. i will STRIVE hard to achieve it.. hopefully my internal is not that bad.. that will pull me down.. but over all i think i CAN!! i must believe i can!! wohoo!!! but its seriously DAMN HIGH WEI!! ahh.. no no.. positive..positive... =D =D

k k got to start studying:D:D chow..!! WISH ME LUCK!! thanks alot mates=D

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