Sunday, June 28, 2009


Wat A DaY!!! had 10KM to run today and i slept at about 12 yesterday was a few of my frens came over for a night.. Jerrenn JiaWei and Yuet..since we've got to leave early today..*to advoid jam and road blocks* we left at about 5.. WHICH MEANS WE WOKE UP AT About 3!!!! hahahahahaa... 3 hours of sleep how to run 10k lar?? but somehow.. i was all fired up.. wanted to fight my own training target.. which was 4 KM ONLY!! haha..

be4 we park.. we saw the FULL MARATHON(41km) runners started their race d.. ALOT of ppl man.. they started at 5.. HAHA!! after waiting for my other frens.. who came one by one.. we finally have EVERYONE!!! the 11 of us inclusive my current classmates and ex skulmates..also not to forget my father.. 12 ppl lar. hahah!! so the moment we;ve been waiting for is here!! THE START OF 10KM!!!

before the start of the race.. take some picture abit.. =D... let me introduce my frens lar.. haha
from left...
JerRenn, Arif, Shaung, JiaWei(bending),YuetYin(bending),ME!(sqarting),Hannah,Iman,
Pei Wern, HanHwa and Xinyu

to let u guys have a closer look of the shirt.. quite GAY rite?/ but actually not bad.. reduce air resistance.. HAAH!!

so here we go!!! hahaha!!

it was quite a fun run actually.. there we SERIOUSLY alot of ppl.. our category.. the 10km wan.. had about 7k ppl.. we were all running and at certain point.. jam up abit.. HAHA!!! but overall.. it was kinda fun.. just at the end there.. everyone was wondering.. AM I THERE YET?!?!?!?!!? is that the final corner??? where is dataran merdeka??? EH!! SIGN BOARD SAY TURN LEFT!! WHY WE TURN RIGHT?!?! owh man.!!!

OH!! OH!! FINALLY 1 more km!!! (few minutes later) still not yet reach wan.. haiz!! damn sad d.. jog.. jog.. jog.. FINALLY!! FLAG POLE!! WOHOO!!! PECUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
and i saw this!!


therefore my time for 10k was.....


Lol.. for me its like the best i can do d.. totally unexpected... training can NEVER finish 4.. but surprisingly i manage to finish.. maybe becuase of the few factors lar

1. got the breathe right thingy
2. got IPOD with me!! haha
3.frens all around.. so got the motivation =D

so finally we all took another group photo.. of course with our PRIDE!!!

YEAH!!! haha.. congrats everyone =D


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