Monday, June 15, 2009


Hey mates... well i call this post title-less as i feel like saying out something that is coming straight from my mind!! haha.. so the topic will be kinda random!!!

ahh..was rushing for so much assignments..AS usual.. wat sam students will always do.. RUSH rush RUsh.. nothing but RUSH!! just finished my phy.. but now got to worry about BIO and ESL...wonder when will i get those done.. hmmmm... tick tock tick tock.. u noe wat?? ITS ACTUALLY NOT HARD TO DO!!! but i dunno why am i taking so much time.. maybe becuase of distractions?? hmmmm....

o h o h!!! recently i found out our class alot of FUTURE DENTISTS!!! hahahaha.. suddenly onli.. overheard other classmates talking abt their pathways to be a dentist.. i think my class got abt 6 ppl.. INCLUDING ME!!! anyway one of the distraction was this topic.. i was asking Sharlene abt it.. according to her.. AIMST have this course.. she said its not bad.. 200k.. in kedah.. 5 years.. recognise... hmmmmm...i shall consider!! will strive for a scholarship to do in aus.. but if really cant due to my *****-ness..then i shall go there..

1) its in MALAYSIA!!
3) its the course that i wan..

ahh... but i still like seeing my self oversea.. haizz...stupid dream.. already spent 20k for sam.. wan to kill my parents with 800 k meh???? =(...

ahhh!!forget it for a damn little classes wei... ESL was off cause wasn;t our turn to do presentation... bio was conducted half way as teacher has meeting.. so cool!!! but kena bang from my bio teacher usual.. went in late...

us: owh shit.. 5 min to 1!!! and we are still chit chatting!!! DAMN!! LETS GO!!
Ms Param: u guys wait over there!! dun move!! FREEzE!!
us: *whisper* owh damn.. we are screwed..die lor... wat the... *TOOT*
ms param: okay u guys can go back now *after finish taking her attendance*
us: PHEW!!! *but once our ass touches the chair*
Ms param: u SEE!! u just wasted 10 min of the class.. i;ve a meeting later.. i plan everything to teach u all for half an hour.. but now becuase of u all.. 10 min gone..
US: ZzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

and guess wat?? i was just telling Jerrenn Yuet they all my teacher bang me for being late.. HAHA!! speaking of the devils!!=D

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