Tuesday, June 2, 2009

a day without my car...

cham lor.. ever since i drove the car.. many problem arise.. haha!! dunno wat absorber mounting got prob lar.. clutch got prob lar.. and so on... haiz.. things about cars i mmg noob wan lar..so i dunno wat other problem had occured lar.. after 1 day without car.. i DROVE STREAM!!!! hehehehehee..big long car.. automatic.. thus it is NO PROB!! hahahahahaha... but honestly.. stream not nice lar.. my toyota 18 years old better.. welll... toyota better than honda rite?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHA... ph will definitely disagree with that statement.. but its REALITY!!!

anyway.. car came back today almost 6... supposed to play badminton.. but ended up waiting for my car..wah.. problem solved.. all the weird sounds no more d.. but guess wat.. the bill is saddenning... almost 1k!!!!! haizz.. my allowance gone lar...:( :(

anyway guys.. free on the 13th June 2009??!?! wanna be a kind soul??? by donating blood for ppl who needs it?? hahaha

the details are:-

Date : 13 June 2009 (Saturday)
Time : 9.00 am - 2.00 pm
Venue : Dewan Sri SMK Subang Jaya

for more details can contact me.. please support US!!! thanks alot:D

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