Wednesday, June 10, 2009


CHEM PRAC WAS A FAILURE!!! lol... wat a disaster!! rite sharlene?? LOL!!! it was a titration experiment... on a bleach.. where we need to add... HMMM!!! i think i better not start.. if not i;ll be like 25ml..into volumetric flask.. and so on.. i suppose no one will continue reading. LOL!! anyway.. we were supposed to get 3 CONCORDANT value... i dunno we super chun or wat.. we actually titrated 6 TIMES!!!! BRAVO!!!


unfortunately.... out of those 6 times.. we one get 2 readings.. pathetic rite? super sad man... 1st.. i did a mistake.. added too much water.. so everything need to be repeated again.. AND U NOE TAKING UP SOLUTION FROM VOLUMETRIC PIPETTE TAKES TIME RITE?!?!?! argh.. so i wasted sharlene's anyway..i did it as fast as i could.. and finally we can get started.. many mistakes done by me... SORRY WEI SHARLENE!! haha.. next week somemore PRACTICAL TEST D.. haiz.. hopefully we can go through it lar..

LOL!!! i would like to THANK my buddy.. better not mention HIS name.. before he get himself into trouble.... well.. i would like to THANK him for subway today:D.. because of him.. i get to eat a FOOTLONG bread with ham and cheese... fuyoh.. syok =D .. surprisingly though.. jeremy could only finish half.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

OWH YEA!! today ESL period wass for discussion.. therefore we had a little chat and a little debate.. OUT OF A SUDDEN!!! one of my classmate,ESTER, said that MEGAN FOX IS A GUY!!!! i was like.. WHAT?!?!?! how can she... NO NO !! I MEAN HE BE A GUY?!?! HE OR SHE?!?!? LOL!!! damn.. should i go watch transformers 2?? HAHA!! i hope megan fox dun read my blog wei.. i scared she BLOCK my BLOG..LOL!

anyway.. study study study study study!!! CHOW=S

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