Saturday, June 6, 2009

bye bye hair.. welcome new hair.. =D

Ahhhh..wat a day... before i start.. let me PROUDLY present my NEW HAIR STYLE!!!!

LOL!! just to prepare u guys before u see my hair suddenly so short again.. duwan u guys to just faint in front of me like that.. even though i noe how to perform CPR.. but i dun think i wanna do it to my own fren.. HAHAH!!!! well.. since 2nd semester is starting soon.. i better get my hair CROP!! besides.. its irritating me already.. so today i decided to go and cut..
before cutting.. i was like.. hmmm.. wat hair style should i cut??? hmmm.. go back to the barber?? or time to go saloon?? hmmmm... *beep beep* phone rang.. interrupt my thoughts... IT WAS JERRENN!! hahah..asked me abt my lab coat.. so to buy time.. i went to his place 1st then to cut my hair.. but the time was not long enough i supposed.. i decided to just go get it done in the barber shop near my house..
when it was my turn.....
Barber: how u wan to cut ur hair??
ME: erm.. wat hair style do u think suit me??
Barber: hmm.. i;m not sure lar..
ME: oh.. then nvm lar.. u just cut short here.. cut short there.. side burn duwan... just the front
leave it longer?? okay?
Barber: *started taking his *utensils* but instead of cooking.. he cut my hair*.. LOL!!!
during that time.. i was so sleepy.. so i just closed my eyes.. and let him cut it.. until it was almost done.. he asked me to see..hmmm... okay lar... then settled!! it onli cost me RM9.. is it cheap?? well compare to saloons.. DEFINITELY CHEAPER!!!! hahaah so i dint bother lar.. for me its okay d... wat bout u guys?? HAHA!!
WOHOO!! this whole day i got to drive MY FUTURE CAR again.. seriously.. scary man driving such car.. but i;ve got to get used to it.. if not how to be my future car?? hahaha!!! anyway this is my future baby everyone.. have a good look!!

SEXY HUH?!?!?!? i noe!!! see the shining surface??? all thanks to my SK II!!! *to be honest.. that car dint wash for 1 week d.. maybe 2..* LOL!!!! eh eh.. not to mention.. I PARKED the car.. chun now.. saw how close.. this is call pro!! lol.. next time post the INTERIOR of my baby.. now abit camera shy.. let me take out side ni.. inside cannot yet.. haizz. got to sweet talk IT... =D

FINALLY I GOT ONE MY OWN!!! hahahahah.. after peng han and peng han hwa show off their's.. its time for MY OWN ONE!!! my mum bought it from indonesia.. saw that.. theirs form MALAYSIA.. mine INDONESIA!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

thats all for now folks.. cya NeXT DAY!!

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